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We are an online platform for recruitment services in the finance sector. Starting from an offline recruitment consultancy (Appex Group), we truly understand the need of integrating job posting and talent search into a one-stop platform. believe that social recruitment is a powerful way to connect with talents. The launch of the Candidate Referral program allows everyone to share our job openings to their network, so that employers and job seekers could be well-matched, while we could also share our rewards with referrers. strives to become the pioneer in Hong Kong to bring headhunting services online and revolutionize the job/talent search experience for hiring companies and job candidates.

How does the Candidate Referral program work?


  1. Referrers register at Anyone can become a referrer by filling in an online form

  2. Referrers can share job postings to their social network: Referrers will be given a unique URL at for sharing

  3. Referrals are recorded when a résumé is uploaded through the links

  4. The résumés will be forwarded to hiring companies: Referrers will be rewarded with a flat rate of the annual salary of the placed

How is different from other recruitment service providers?


Candidates…more and better! - Since the referrers at includes veterans in different industries as well as existing headhunters, we understand the actual requirements of each job and match with more suitable candidates. Our candidate database will be a much bigger one than the traditional recruitment agencies, as big as social network could reach.


Sourcing talents for all job functions - Unlike traditional recruitment agencies,’s referrers come from different backgrounds. This provides us unlimited potentials in talent search for different industries and job functions. is the one-stop recruitment solution for every company.

Unbeatable pricing - truly believes in long-term cooperation and mutual benefit with our clients and referrers. Therefore, we offer a much lower pricing package as compared to our traditional competitors. Enjoy high quality recruitment services at a bargain!

   Specialized Areas

  • SFC Responsible Officers

  • Portfolio Managers

  • Compliance Manager

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Company Secretary

  • HR Manager

  • Investor Relation Manager

  • etc.

   Client Base

  • Investment Banks 

  • Listed Companies

  • Multinational financial services companies

  • SFC licensed firms

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